Supernature beckons. Her generosity is reflected in our choice of ingredients and their properties.


We make no extravagant dietary claims for the blends or encourage complicated detox plans. Our aim is simply to create for you a healthy alternative to processed snack foods with the added benefit of an ‘OMG’ taste sensation.

London is a city of the future and moves at an extraordinary pace. Quality fuel is required on a daily basis to power up your engine. As always nature provides both the material and the means to reach our goals.

If you are out there pushing the limits of an urban life style a regular ‘5 a day’ diet will not protect you from air-borne poisons or viral infections.

Modern technology means that flash frozen nutrient powders sourced in far flung locations can now be utilised in areas of the world far from their original soil.

To our benefit.pinkpeppers-0154
MACA is a Peruvian starch and has been referred to as ‘female viagra’. One thing is for sure: it is rich in calcium,magnesium,phosphorous and iron. Maca works by acting on the hypophysis, the hypothalamus and the adrenalin glands, levelling out their release of the ‘fight or flight’ hormone.

CACAO, or raw chocolate, has its devotees who believe that it boosts oxytocin, phynephalamine, and serotonin levels to spiritual levels. It will certainly give you a better lift than coffee with no danger of an acid stomach comedown.

LUCUMA has been the subject of extensive tests which have confirmed its reputation as a natural ‘skin healer’. It both improves the elasticity and texture of the skin and speeds up the healing process of wounds.

ACAI is known as a ‘miracle diet’ by the native peoples of South America. The berry of the Acai Palm is pressed and strained to produce a thick purple liquid, which is truly rich in anthocyanins which are antioxadant compounds. These compounds lower the risk of heart disease by cleaning the blood and neutralize free radicals in the body, helping to maintain numerous systems and organs.

BAOBAB powder is a new kid on the block and our experiential results working with this African fruit have been extremely positive. It contains more vitamin C than oranges, more iron than red meat and is a potent source of alkalising minerals.

CATUABA has also recently become available in the market place. It is derived from the bark of a small tree native to Northern Brazil and is a true adaptive that works on the central nervous system. It can either stimulate or calm depending on your stress level. It is claimed that it also aids a weak memory. There is certainly no doubt that its peppery flavour enhances either a fruit or vegetable blend.

SPROUTED GRAINS are created by soaking them to increase the amount of enzymes and neutralises the antinutrient phytic acid.

BLUE-GREEN ALGAE is one of the most alkalising foods available. It restores healthy PH even if your regular diet contains meat, eggs, dairy or processed food.

Even the most mundane spice can add magic, perfume and flavour to a blend. Our combination of MUSTARD SEED and Strawberry may sound daring but the result is an intense experience on the tongue, sharpening the fruit flavour while creating a ‘blossom effect’ in the nostrils.

Some of our spice ingredients may be new to your experience. SUMAC, for instance, has a citrus flavour and this rich purple spice from Central America provides a satisfying tang to all it touches.

The health benefits of TURMERIC are currently being re-discovered. This staple of the Sub Continent will do much more than just liven up a poor quality curry. It will calm your stomach while bringing your olfactory senses alive.



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