Are all Huna Blend products suitable for vegans?
What is the meaning of the word Huna?
When the Polynesian's arrived on the volcanic islands of Hawaii they brought their unique spiritual practises with them. Although they have a pantheon of gods these deities are not worshipped in an orthodox sense. The Huna philosophy and practise is concerned with linking the three main power centres of the body by the use of Manna (inner breath). The Huna people believe that once this has been achieved then a direct linkage to all godforms and spirits of nature will be achieved without effort.
What is granita?
Granita is a Sicilian method used to create a refreshing, creamy form of shaved ice. The Huna blending system utilises this ancient recipe but with non-dairy milks substituted for dairy.
What is the difference between Huna Blends and a juice bar?
We do not carry bottled 'Cold Pressed Juice' which may have been created in a basement and stored for up to 3 days. The cold press method is calculated to extract the most nutritional value from fruit and vegetables, whatever their condition. Unfortunately it does not enhance the taste value. Huna Blends uses produce which has been flash frozen when picked and therefore retains all its inherent vitality, aroma, taste and nutritional value.
Can I pay with a credit or debit card?
Yes - with the exception of American Express cards.
Can a Huna Blend be classified as 'Raw Food'?
Yes. Although there is some warmth created in the blending process we do not heat above 48 ÂșC
Do Huna Blends supply recipes for home use?
Unfortunately our signature blends rely on flash frozen produce, which can only be purchased from a limited number of stockists in minimum units of 120kg (think two large freezer units). This is a situation we hope to rectify in the near future by supplying smaller amounts available to High Street retailers. We have many more sensational blend recipes than we can currently stock and would be more than happy to share them with you once the specialised produce is freely available.

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