What makes HUNA BLENDS so different?

Our techniques, our ingredients and a Californian inspired approach to healthy eating.

‘As soon as I walked up to the counter I knew that something new was happening’
Tegan Bukowski @ Serene Social

Photo (c) SereneSocial.com
Photo (c) SereneSocial.com

We adopt the Pleasure Principle approach.

‘The flavours worked perfectly together, with different ones coming through as I ate – the taste of the lavender was heavenly’
Got To Be Gourmet

the garden bowl

By blending IQF fruit and vegetables, spices, superfoods, nutrients and non-dairy granita we create outrageous taste sensations to boost your day.

’Huna delivers a rich, sorbet-style bowl meal packed with fruit or vegetables then boosted with superfoods such as Maca and Lucuma to give a positive kick to the immune system’

the firewalker

Our unique Chill Bowls are featured in the November issue of Women’s Health Magazine (Click to view) and our full range can be viewed on the Menu Page.

‘They’re delicious, healthy, nutritious, and above all, tasty as hell’
Le Bonbon

the diamond head

We have been creating luxury bowls for 2 years now and customer feed-back from London’s Century Club, Brighton’s California Soul Bowl, Pump Shoreditch, the Refinery in Hackney, and a few Morning Glory Raves, has stimulated us to deliver bowls that are even more daring, aromatic and colourful than the Californian model.

mello yello

That’s probably why The Handbook rated us as one of top 8 London pop ups in summer 2015.

We also make on-the-go Power Shakes which are blended only when ordered. Unlike cold press, which may be kept for days in plastic bottles, or raw juice which too often uses un-ripened supermarket produce, our fruit and vegetables are flash frozen to lock in 95% of taste and nutritional value.


It’s the future.

And not a moment too soon.

Power Up Your Day